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Nice to meet you!(First of all, please read here)

 Please follow the following sentences.

 Please read the "contents" page in order of the title.
 (If you read title at random, fun is reduced by half.)

 A new title is usually added to the bottom of the "contents" page. But, sometimes a new title is inserted in a suitable place in the "contents" page.

 If I will have a better idea and take a better picture, I will revise existing titles.

 This Website is translated into English by the Japanese with immature English. If you can speak both English and Japanese and find a sentence of mistake, please tell me the right answer.
 By the way, the original text is "Photokoma(Japanese version)"

All photographs and text of this Website are owned by the author.
Don't reproduce without prior permission.

This Website is a fiction.

 Let me add a few words in conclusion.
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